Northwestern University's Physics & Astronomy Department engages in cutting-edge research and technology development. Within this department is the Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics (CIERA). Vicky Kalogera, astrophysics faculty and CIERA co-director, and Laura Trouille, CIERA postdoctoral fellow, were awarded an American Physical Societygrant to connect local K-12 students and teachers with local physics research labs. They partnered with Kemi Jona and Susan Ipri Brown from Northwestern University's Office of STEM Education Partnerships (OSEP), which facilitates the connection between K-12 teachers and students and the world-class science, technology, engineering, and math resources of Northwestern University.

Project Goals:
  • Promote science literacy through student interaction with physics role models
  • Increase student interest in physics topics and in pursuing physics and other science/engineering careers
  • Prepare and disseminate public interest videos highlighting local physicists, their research, and public impact

Student Impacts:
  • Middle and high school students visit research laboratories, meet with physicists, and discuss science projects
  • Students prepare fun, informative video about physics conducted at the lab
  • Students participate in competition for most innovative videos
  • Students’ videos used in educational campaign
  • Physics graduate students and postdoctoral researchers gain an innovative venue for engaging in outreach