We highly recommend that you practice using the tripod and camera before the day of your lab visit. To make sure everything is working before the big day, take a sample video with the camera, upload it to your computer, and make sure it plays.

Note that the 'Flip' camera has VERY POOR battery life. Be sure that the camera is FULLY CHARGED before going to your lab.

The phrase "shot composition" refers to the art and practice of arranging the visual elements on the screen so that they communicate your intended message clearly. There are no hard-and-fast "rules" to follow in composing your shots, but there are several "rules of thumb," or standard ways of shooting that can make your shots look better and communicate more clearly.

Rules of Thumb:

Shooting & Shot Types.


Composing the interview shot.

[If you find other good sites with useful 'how-to' guides for videotaping, please post a message through the 'Discussion' tab. Thank you!]