I am a Research Manager at Underwriters Laboratories. My background is in electrical and thermal characterization, electronic materials, and device physics. I did all my education at Northwestern University. I joined UL in 2008 from Motorola, Inc. and currently lead the Electrical Hazards research team within UL Corporate Research. This team has a focus in various aspects of electrical safety, including ac and dc arc fault phenomena and detection, component degradation and ignition, harmonics, novel lighting, wireless transmission, and photovoltaic safety.

I was originally a staff member at Motorola Labs, where we were developing new manufacturing technologies. Part of this job was involvement in standards development, which is critical to building a supply chain for manufacturing. Through one of these organizations I made contact with our VP of research who introduced me to UL and its involvement in safety science. In 2008 I had a sudden and unexpected career change and ended up joining UL’s research. Since joining I have found a particular fascination in arcing and arc fault research – arcing is a primary cause of electrical fires.

I have found great interest in studying the science of safety, and really enjoy the satisfaction that our research is making our world a safer place. Our research has resulted in improvements in product testing standards, understanding of fundamental phenomena related to safety (such as arcing, degradation, corrosion, etc.), and helping first responders in more effectively fighting fires, protecting their health, as well as safety (shock, etc.).

Several of my friends and neighbors are in the construction trade, and have turned me on to home improvement. I started with millwork and trim, and have tried my hands with electrical, carpentry, plumbing, gardening and landscaping, etc. When I was a small child I wanted to be a construction worker, so guess in a way I was able to fulfill that! When not tearing up the house I like to travel, especially internationally, when time allows (not much time since the kids). I also enjoy history and language, usually listen to lectures in the car during my long commutes.

My family is mixed culturally – my wife is French/German and grew up in the Midwest. I am Polish/Lithuanian and grew up in the South (mostly Northeast Florida). Our daughters are adopted from China, the oldest only nine months ago, so we have lived a bilingual and multi-cultural lifestyle for quite some time now.