Instructions & Timeline

Deadlines in parentheses.

  1. Calendar
    • Click on calendar for an overview of the timeline.
  2. Register
    • Click on 'Sign In' at top-right corner to register your team onto wikispaces.
    • Only 1 log-in name per team.
    • Be sure to make a note of your password in a safe spot.
  3. Fill Out Pre-Survey (September 30th)
  4. Choose Your Lab (September 30th)
    • Follow the instructions on the 'Lab Info'page.
      • This will be the lab you investigate, videotape, and interview.
      • The sooner you make your choice, the more likely your lab will not already be taken by another group.
  5. Investigate Your Lab (October 8th)
    • Follow the instructions on the 'Lab Info' page for posting summaries of 3 additional sources of information.
  6. Design Your Interview (October 8th)
  7. Design Your Process
    • Determine which team member will be 1) the director, 2) the videographer, and 3) the interviewer.
  8. Lab Visits (October 8th-November 1st)
    • Respond to the email you will receive on setting up the date and time of your visit to the lab.
    • Note that the 'Flip' camera has VERY POOR battery life. Be sure that the camera is FULLY CHARGED before going to your lab.
    • Have PHUN!
  9. Video - First Draft (March 5th)
    • Click on 'Video Editing' for instructions on how to edit your footage into a 5 minute video.
    • Follow the instructions on the 'Video Editing' page for instructions on posting the first draft of your video.
  10. Peer Review (March 16th)
    • Each group will give comments/suggestions on one other group's first draft of their video.
    • Click on 'Peer Review' for instructions.
  11. Video - Final Draft (April 12th)
    • You will receive an email with comments/suggestions from your peer reviewers. Use these to make final edits to your video footage.
    • Click on 'Video Editing' for instructions on posting the final draft of your video.
  12. Fill Out Post-Survey (April 12th)
  13. How your video will be shared with the public
    • Every team's video will be posted on their chosen research lab's webpage.
    • All videos will also be posted at a more centralized Northwestern University website.
    • We are working to determine a time when the videos will be shown on the local television channel.
    • We will host viewings during career fairs and at science fairs.
  14. Announcement of Winner (April 30th)
    • Using the rubric, we will choose the best overall video.
    • PRIZE: The winning video team members will each receive their own Flip camera to continue this process of creating videos of the world around them.